Our team


Matias Macias, who holds a degree in Oenology from the University Agustín Maza (2011) is responsible for the winemaking. Matias’ characteristic curiosity has led us to achieve unprecedented expressions in the combination of varieties. From the concept of working in the vineyard, Matias performs collectively with our team of agronomists who advise us in the constant search for expressions that already differentiate us.

Julio Correa, Agricultural Engineer, is responsible for the care and management of the vineyards and olive groves located in the first zone of Argentine Malbec, in Vistalba. Julio leads a team devoted to assuring the quality and optimal combination of soil and vineyard in all stages of the production cycle.

Maria Marta Sottano and Patricio Zapata are the ones who initiated this project, in 2011. In addition to sharing a young family with two children, Maria Marta and Patricio oversee the project and the future of Casta del Sur .